Harleyjade Smiles is an addiction and recovery support advocacy group that provides assistance and support during all three phases of the addiction recovery process. (While using, Getting clean, and Staying clean) in remembrance and honor of Harleyjade Banach and Terry “T.J.” Peck Jr, two loved ones lost before their time due to battling addiction issues.

Our Story

Harleyjade Smiles is currently in the organizational and formation phase seeking funding to support this process. Please consider contributing to our GoFundMe Campaign contributions will assist with legal, professional, and technology services costs as well as funding for our outreach and support programs and initiatives. 

Harleyjade Smiles is currently in the process of applying for and gaining status as a  501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Until such a time we have acquired this status no donations to Harleyjade Smiles meet such status for tax-deductions.